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“Ronni is AWESOME! She’s the best electrologist in Manhattan.”

"For years I lived with hair in places it should not be on women. After thumbing through Timeout NewYork with countless ads for laser- Ronni's ad caught my attention and I wrote down her number. She was so easy to talk to, I felt no embarrassement at all about those much unwanted and loathed hairs. Her touch is delicate and her results unbeatable. I know that the hairs are gone forever. She is worth every cent for the conversation alone!! When I am finished I will miss the appointments."

"I still can't believe how clean and free of hair I am when I look into the mirror ! Being a person who had suffered since puberty with excessive hair growth on my face and spent much time and effort trying to get rid of it - finding Ronni was a Godsend. I had tried about three electrologists before a friend recommended me to Ronni -and I have not been anywhere else since. When I have my weekly appointments I am always sure to be greeted by the wonderful receptionist who is always so helpful and friendly. The office is very clean and sterile with a very relaxing atmosphere."

"Lovely office, wonderful people. Friendly and comfortable atmosphere. They do everything possible to make the process as comfortable as possible. I've had great results - upper lip, eyebrows and underarms. Very professional, they start and finish on time which I really appreciate. Highly recommend it."

"I come all the way from Westchester to Ronni Kolotkin's because they are professional, caring, the office is clean and they are pros. Yes, they are "the best" but not just in New York, maybe the world!"

"Dear Ronni, you added SO MUCH feel-good feeling to my life, I bless you each time I see those perfectly shaped eye brows in a mirror, smooth skin on my chin and upper lip, and my guy caresses my legs, smooth like butter...well, my miniskirts are flying high! I see hair removal infomercials and rejoice, 'cause this babe won't need no mo' of all that fuss!!' Not to mention the psychology: WOMAN, DO I FEEL GOOD ABOUT MYSELF NOW!! The greatest luxury I gave to myself! And everything everybody else has said is true! If someone asks, I deliver your favorite line, "Some of us are just lucky being born hairless!' yea, right! Thank you! Time and money well invested, patience paid off, forever sexy!"

"As someone who has dealt with the frustration of excessive body hair from the age of 12 and has been to just about every hair removal place in New York City - finding Ronni was a true blessing . She is kind , courteous , and always punctual. The office is extremely clean and has a wonderful ambiance . For anyone looking for an electrologist I definitly recommend her!"

"I used to be hopelessly addicted to tweezing--a slave to it, really. Ronni freed me. She is excellent, efficient, and great company, to boot. Call her now and you too can stop spending all your free time worrying about unsightly hair."

"I waxed, threaded, tweezed and not only did those things make my problem worse but I ended up with a terrible in-grown problem. Then I decided to make a huge investment and spent thousand of $$$$ on Laser and not only did it not work but I became scarred for life. Then as a last resort I went to Ronni Kolotkin's office for a consultation. I was about to give up after all my horrible hair removal experiences but decided to give Electrolysis a try. I was so desperate. Well, it definately took some time but now my hair is gone forever and I am the happiest girl in the world! Thank you Ronni Kolotkin and your fabulous staff!"

"YEARS of disappointments (+ thousands of dollars out of pocket) from laser hair removal for absolutely no result. Until finally I read reviews about Ronni Kolotkin Inc. and just had to schedule an appointment. A few months later and I am 4EVER HAIR FREE. THANKS to Ronni I am hair free and extremely overwhelmed with joy. At Ronni Kolotkin Inc. you'll find success without a large dent in your wallet. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Ronni Kolotkin Inc.--take from a girl who's tried everything and this is my final stop. THANK YOU RONNI... U R THE BEST!"

"I have been a longtime client of Ronni's and am incredibly pleased with the results. I had wonderful results on my face and decided to also have my bikini-line done. Ronni is a pleasure to talk with and her company makes the experience pleasant. Her staff are warm and professional. I would highly recommend going to Ronni or her colleagues for anyone serious about permanent hair removal."

"Ronni has literally made me a happier person!! I've tried several electrologists before Ronni and this is the first time I feel confident that I will not be doing this for the rest of my life. I have my life back and I no longer have to worry about hair!!!! Plus she provides an excellent environment where I feel comfortable and free of stress!"

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