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Ronni Kolotkin Ask Ronni Q: What places on your body can you get electrolysis?

A: Electrolysis works on all body parts.

Women typically come to us seeking the removal of hair on the face/neck, bikini line, stomach, breasts, underarms, upper and lower legs, lower back, and buttocks. If your particular problem doesn't happen to be on this list, please just ask us! It's highly unlikely you can surprise us: we've done nearly every body part!

Salons do differ in the extent of service they offer men; Ronni Kolotkin & Associates will tackle any "waist-up" hair issues. We welcome men seeking to remove "unibrow," face, shoulder, back, chest and arm hair.

Q: What can I do between electrolysis sessions to deal with the unwanted hair? Can I still tweeze to get by between appointments?

A: Any method of coping with unwanted hair that operates above the skin's surface is just fine between electrolysis appointments. But any method that pulls hair out will halt the electrolysis process. When you pull a hair out, it actually stimulates growth: not only in that one follicle, but in surrounding follicles. In other words, tweezing, waxing, etc. make hair multiply. Trust me on that. Furthermore, these methods warp and damage the path to the hair follicle, making it harder for the electrologist to access the root.

The good news is that shaving, bleaching, hair depilatories (like Neet, Nair) and cutting hair with scissors are all acceptable.

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